Thursday, June 3, 2010

The illogic of Feminism

In my experience, debates about abortion are mostly littered with the same, ineffectual arguments about whether a 1 pound "fetus" is a human being or not, and whether God considers that fetus to be sacred. One can see how these arguments are ineffective by observing the simple fact that the two sides simply do not share the same assumptions -- it is not exactly the best way to hone your debating skills by basing your entire argument on what your opponent considers to be the equivalent of the collective wit and wisdom of the tooth fairy. What most feminists do not realize, however, is that it is not what one side believes about the theological doctrines about a soul or the sacredness of human life that will eventually demolish their hypothesis, but the logical absurdity of their position: that it is a women's inalienable right to abort a pre-mature baby.
As recent scientific studies in the area of genetics have shown, it will soon become a reality that one can actually customize the genetic material of a pre-born fetus. But if it is an absolute right for a woman to kill a fetus, then they should similarly embrace the idea of a women being able to customize the fetus in any way, be it for good or evil, because we are reliably informed that it is a women's right to do whatever she would like with her body.
But it is readily apparent that feminists will find this to be repulsive, for we are already seeing them frifle at the mouth whenever a Chinese or an Indian aborts a child simply because it is a girl -- which is why there are millions of excess males in China and India. But if it is a sacred right to abort, then it why should it matter what the reasons are for the specific abortion?
There are no arguments for the pro-choice position that stand up to science and reason, they are all specious in one way or another. Feminism is a complete failure, and anyone who seriously wishes to entertain the idea of a free society has a moral and civic duty to dismiss it for the terrible idea that it is.

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