Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is so special about Christianity?

1340Jacob asks a humble question:

Could you do a video validating christianity over every other religion, only using peer-reviewed material or at least papers and books with a reference page (so the bible is out)? I am just curious if you can come up with a logical and compelling argument, no need to be a 100% persuasive, just don't sound like a complete fool.

I will present my case for Christianity in bits and pieces all throughout the summer as it is a subject that demands much more consideration than a single youtube video. I will make that video, but I will be blogging about it much more substantively.
It is my contention that Christianity provides the best explanation for the observable world and that it is the most accurate historical and predictive model that Man currently possesses. My case will be far more than a simple re-hash of Christian Apologetics, as the people who know me have come to understand, my arguments are seldom the expected ones, which is probably why they are so effective in debate with people who are only equipped to deal with cliched ones in a perfunctory way.

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