Saturday, January 8, 2011

In search of Knowledge

I have been immersing myself in the economic and cultural literature, informing me of the overall trend-lines that are occurring in western Civilization. Vox Day, the Mises institute, and the Wall Street Journal have provided the economic info, while the Roissy Cheatuea has delineated the implications of the societal devolution into pre-civilized mating patterns. After ensconcing myself in that material for the previous year, I felt in command of the facts and arguments for what the current social wind portends for the future. I have explicated a bit of the economics side on this little internet outpost, but I have decidedly omitted discussing the Roissy-rich topics of Game theory and its lens for examining society, perhaps I will share a few of his ideas on a future post.

I have, however, neglected the role of technology in the entire process of cultural evolution. What reminded me of this was a dinner table conversation with my father, brother, and I about the possibility that Robots and advanced computers will obviate conscious driving; that cars will be driven by autopilot.

I tried to think of the future state of technology and its ramifications for the world, but I didn't get very far. I just realized that this was a job for much finer and more informed minds than my own. So I am looking for a blogger or author that writes with a morbid wit and expounds about not the technical details but of the general implications future technology will have upon our society. He must also have a major, a perhaps a bit insane, thesis.

Every year I try to find someone new who will guide me in the vast ocean of knowledge within a sensible, explanatory worldview, so perhaps a writer like this will provide an option for the upcoming year.

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