Saturday, January 29, 2011

A policy prescription for our ill's

It has been a recurring theme of this internet outpost that civilization has we know it is on the brink of destruction. And while I am relatively confident that it will not be a return to the Dark Ages akin to a Canticle for Leiobiwitz scenario where most of our knowledge will be lost, I am convinced that the current trendlines, the cultural and economic indicators, portend to a swift and painful fall.

The branches of knowledge that have informed me of this conclusion are from a gamut of sources that include economics, game theory, socionomics, and history.

So while it has been your humble narrator's dreadful hobby to chronicle the trendlines in the effort to construct a pessimist's manifesto of gloom and doom, the proprietor here at the Alpha Anomaly will have to wield some self-control and provide some constructive advice. Hence, the purpose of this post is to give 10 practical policy solutions that will put America back on track. Indeed, it has always been my contention that the damage has already been done, and no amount of policy making short of the hand of God will avert the destruction that awaits us. But the prescriptions below will lay a pathway for longterm improvement. Have you read Isaac Asimov's Foundation series? The solutions below are akin to the foundation that can only reduce the Galactic Empires decay to 1000 years instead of 30000. But I digress.

1. First things first, cut the income tax in half, for all payers, not just those that make 250,000 or less. More money in the private sphere is the best remedy for a screeching economy. This will promote actual savings and genuine economic growth.

2. Eliminate 5% percent of the Government each year for 10 years, having the effect of reducing the the size of the Government by half while coushening the impact of millions of Government employees integrating into the private sector. Specific areas of the Government that should be cut are the Department of Education, defense, airport security, foreign aid and subsidies of almost every kind. Stimulus packages and public works projects are out of the question. They merely direct human labor to unwanted and wasteful endeavors.

3. An end to all government retirement and welfare programs. Savings is the hallmark of a strong and sustainable economy; Social Security is a huge disincentive to save, as well as being a ponzi scheme that will go bankrupt eventually, either on its own, or when our Government defaults. An end to welfare programs, including for single moms, also must be done. The best way to destroy civilization is to kill the nuclear family, subsidizing single mothers by making Government their husband is a recipe for disaster and the consequences won't go unfelt. Only when we stop sustaining individually and collectively destructive behaviors will we see less of it.

4. Halt immigration for at least 20 years. The ongoing multicultural trainwreck has conclusively demonstrated that a diverse ethnic population does not assimilate together very easily; it only creates a conflict of interest that fuels itself by cheap democracy where voters vote themselves entitlement schemes. Immigration also radically transforms a nations cultural identity, and will destroy American society just as Colonial European immigration destroyed the Indian culture. Maintaining that the Government should Nationality-blind is tantamount to rejecting the concept of "nationhood" altogether.

5. Abolish the Federal Reserve. The FED is merely a tool to increase Government power by allowing it control over the money supply. It has hovered over runaway inflation that destroys savings, and has created far too many boom-and-bust cycles that have wrecked the economy. If the Chairman of the FED was God, it would work; not so well with fallible human beings.

6. An end to no fault divorce laws and other feminist laws in favor of a more patriarchal set up, and restore incentives for men to marry and less incentives for women to divorce. Establish the Fathers as the owners of their children, and make them responsible for their family. Doing this will tame men by putting their vested interest into their families, thereby creating less bastard children without fathers and more fathers working toward a productive goal. The reason patriarchy is necessary for a civilization's existence is because the family is the building block for a healthy society. And while it is true that motherhood is a natural phenomena, the same is not true for fatherhood. This is why fathers MUST have legal responsibility over their biological children and families. Or else the music stops.

7. Financially compensate families that do not put their children in public school. This will encourage people to get out of that deadly institution. Eventually, the public school should be abolished, as it is the primary vehicle of state control over children, as per the Marx's Communist Manifesto.

8. A restriction of voting rights for Government employees and limit it to net tax payers. Voting is a defense mechanism to preserve freedom, so it was never designed to be given to those who would benefit from Government power. If your sissy politically correct mind thinks this is unfair, then consider that there is a fundamental dichotomy between universal suffrage and freedom. Its one or the other; you can't have both.

9. Get the military out of the middle east and all the other countries we are occupying. There is likely to be economic winter in the following years and we cannot afford to be building an overseas empire.

10. Get out of the United Nations. Don't even think about forfeiting our nationhood to be part of some Global power. A global currency is also out of the question.

There are other, less significant, policies that would ameliorate America's economic and cultural woes, but the aforementioned ten will be a start in rebuilding America again.

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