Friday, February 18, 2011

Abolish it

To quote Jonah Goldberg
Since Plato's Republic, politicans, intellectuals, and priests have been fascinated with the idea of "capturing" children for social-engineering purposes.
Whoever said that those who rocked the cradle ruled the world was absolutely right. Public education is wholly antithetical to the cause of freedom because it puts the nation's fate in the Government's hands. By creating an economic atmosphere where both parents work, the Commufeminists have skillfully filled the vacuum of child support by supplying the public schools - aka. public day care. And by doing so they have significantly weakened one of the best bulwarks against Government power - the nuclear family.

Every freedom loving patriot should be adamant about abolishing the public school. I mean abolish, not reform it. The typical conservative argument that the schools are inadequate in their modern form but can be remedied by educational reform is a joke. The public school is categorically incongruous with human liberty because it fuels the entity that destroys it. So while it is true that the education program of the public school is severely lacking, this concern should not be confused with the fundamental objection thrown its way.

As I am writing this, I am listening to 30 seconds to mars song "this is war", in which the singer (bolstered by people's voices in the backround) laments - no, celebrates, if the tone is any indication - that its a brave new world. For some reason, I have no trouble imagining public schoolers relishing singing this for a school play. Then stuck in my mind are the images of Huxley's novel. If possible, I really would like to avoid such a world.

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