Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You really wish to doubt?

The message of this blog has been a little dark for the past few months. Many have expressed their agreement with the Vanfair worldview but have denied its logical implications for the future state of the economy and Western Civilization.

To those that doubt my projections, please bear in mind that they are not based upon superstitious doomsday scenarios or prophecies from obscure pseudo-prophets, but rigorous mathematics and proven models that describe the way the world actually works.

Let me ask you, dear skeptical reader, do you truly decry the policies and the trends going on, and yet deny the harsh consequences of such policies?

Do you genuinely believe that immigration - and the multiculturalism that follows - is a killer of its host, and yet disbelieve that American will never be the same again?

Do really believe that you yourself would go bankrupt, if you plunged yourself into debt that could not possibly be paid back, and yet believe that our government will remain solvent?

Do you absolutely trust in the multiplication tables, and yet lack faith that they apply to the demographic situation of the West?

Have you observed the oft-confirmed principle that most people are idiots, and yet think that giving them the right to vote won't discredit American democracy?

Do you actually accept the fundamental fact of Homo Sapien's collective nature that the more you subsidize something, the more you get of it, and yet remain in denial that putting half the population in dependence and unproductivity, and yet believe our economy is sustainable?

Do you cherish the fact that the nuclear family is the foundation of a civilization, and still cling to the notion that society can survive, if it is considered an outdated concept?

It is understandable that most have either shyed away from or have been in denial about the dark future that awaits us. But good people know it in their hearts. Some sense it but are unable to properly articulate it. Others know but wish not to contemplate it. And then there is the Alpha Anomaly, who is not afraid to speak his thoughts, and is enamored by provoking readers to understand the world not in its pretty, reality-twisted form, but through the fundamental underpinnings that drive the motor of the human invention, the pinnings that reveal a world wholly distinct from the one conceived of those pretty, dainty lies.

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