Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter critics haven't surprised me

Having recently engaged many Christians on the topic of the morality of Harry Potter, I cannot help but notice that there has been no attempts to actually support their belief in the immorality of Harry Potter with anything that can be recognized as logic or evidence. Apparently those two concepts are wholly foreign to their shallow minds. Alot of handwaving and naked statements, yeah, but nothing more.

And there has been no attempt to rebut my article defending the integrity of fantasy fiction. No surprise there, as it is probably way over their heads. And even if they could muster up the intellectual firepower to understand the argument, the unforgivable wall of my logic precludes any honest attempt to dismantle it.

The truth of the matter is, it really isn't very difficult to grasp why their is nothing intrinsically wrong with the Fantasy genre in general and Harry Potter in particular. One just has to have the upsight to discern the difference between the witchcraft as described in the Bible and the witchcraft described in the Harry Potter books. The former refers to "power derived from the devil" while the latter refers to power systematically harnessed through a set of fictitious laws of nature. There is no substantive difference between the wizard that discovers that waving a wand in a certain motion and uttering a certain word produces a specific result than a scientist or engineer that invents a device based on his own understanding of what our laws of nature entail.

Come on guys, it really isn't difficult to comprehend and anyone with an I.Q over 90 should be able to do so, assuming, of course, that that intelligence is actually utilized and that the person isn't locked under an army of pretty lies. Don't get me wrong, I sympathize with their concerns about a potential satanic influence, I just don't see it in Harry Potter. They would be far more fruitful in attacking the socialism and atheism implicit in much of the sci-fi genre than an innocuous children's story. And by the way, where is the evidence that reading Harry Potter leads people to do bad things? Like I said, evidence isn't exactly their forte.

Some may wonder why I have taken the time to smash these (non)arguments up. The problem is that theirs is a fundamentally anti-intellectual worldview. One of the things that one can't help but notice is their distaste for abstract thought, probably because they woefully lack it.

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