Sunday, July 3, 2011

One compounding problem after the other

As I have implied on previous occasions, I don't believe that even the finest and well-informed minds have a comprehensive grasp of the situation the world in general and America is facing. On one hand you have the economic and financial turmoil that has survived despite the best efforts of the Government and FED. On the another is a story of rapid moral degeneration that is slowly eroding the moral fabric upon which any Civilization's survival is dependent upon. All of this is compounded by secondary and tertiary problems, from the overloading costs of health care spawned by the obesity epidemic and the imperial overstretch exhibited by an ever impotent military, to the evisceration of America's manufacturing base caused by free trade and its ethnic transformation via mass 3rd world immigration.

There are also demographic considerations that America is facing. And while it is hardly unknown that the WASP - White Anglo Saxon Protestant, the biological and cultural basis for American society - breed is in relative decline, what is less well known is the direction population genetics is moving toward. In any human group, there is always environmental pressure exerted upon it that moves the general population in a certain direction, causing natural or unnatural selection. The direction of this selection could lead to a significant transformation of the genetic and cultural makeup of the population, for good of ill. As it happens, there have been many changes in the past twentieth century that have changed the evolutionary game.

Thanks to the advent of the contraception, individuals who are more future-oriented have a perfectly viable means of avoiding child-spawning but still fulfill their impulses, while those who are myopic enough to bypass the contraception are having babies. This problem is compounded by the demographic decline of the middle class - courtesy to women's economic empowerment. Since the lower class is on average more short-term oriented than their upper and middleclass counterparts, whether myopia is a sympton or a cause is irrelevant - the rise of the lower-class has resulted in more short-term, live-for-the-moment people.

History has demonstrated that human idiocy and short-term guided people have always existed in abundance. But there are strong reasons to believe that we may be more myopic than ever.

You want to see an example of mass human myopia? 2003 -2007 housing bubble. For alot of people, it doesn't matter how much the house costs, just the initial down payment. That is why people saw the huge hike in housing prices as a good thing.

And there is a sure chance that chronic myopia is not the only thing that has been exacerbated by the turn in environmental pressure.

Right now we are finding ourselves in a moment where every ill America has pushed aside in the past is conspiring to reveal itself. Many problems exploding have been properly diagnosed, others have not. And under the superficial veneer of Billions of people and interactions, nobody truly has a good hold of the magnitude and specifics of our situation. But this does not mean we cannot track the overall trend and direction we are heading. One does not have to know the precise angle of a vector to know that it is pointing downward.

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