Sunday, September 4, 2011

More evidence... as if any was needed.

And yet another patient transformed by the power of the Paleo Diet and Primal lifestyle. From Mark's Daily Apple:
The following week I bought your book The Primal Blueprint and completely devoured it over the weekend. I could do this.

The success was immediate and amazing. Over the next 3 months I dropped 50 lbs and people started to notice. The next couple months brought another 20 lbs that really thinned out my arms, legs and face and people really noticed. I am a new man. I am now 195 lbs and working on leaning out a little more…hopefully eliminate some residual stomach skin but am generally exactly where I have wanted to be for the last 20 years of adulthood. I cannot believe how much better I feel and look and actually have a much better outlook on growing older. And it was relatively EASY.

Today I had my first checkup with my doctor since I began this program. I had the distinct pleasure of watching him cross out the multiple diagnoses on my medical chart:

Metabolic Syndrome…gone

All medication…gone. Also gone is my snoring, apnea, constant flatulence and frequent heartburn.

The reason the Paleo Diet works is because it is an attempt to understand the material ontology of the human body and capitalize on that understanding. In case with Greg, it shows that much of what is prescribed at the medical establishment is ineffective and doesn't address the core causes of the illness. And most diseases can be prevented or even cured by a simple natural application of Paleo.

Well Congrats, Greg. Here is that others will follow suit.

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