Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Come on now

Courtesy of One Standard Deviation Welltabs, which are described on their website as thus:
Welltabs are the result of years of research and combine the best, clinically evaluated, natural ingredients from around the world to:

* calm and refresh your mind and body
* help you feel physically & emotionally energized & stronger
* promote an overall sense of well-being
* promote a positive mood
* help you feel your very best, both physically and emotionally
Now then, I have never taken Welltabs, or anything like it for that matter. Nor have I examined the body of evidence surrounding the tablet. But it is quite easy to recognize the utter claptrap that serves as the foundation for artificial intervention in the human body. To its credit, Welltabs are advertised as "all natural," so they probably don't have the dangerous side affects that other pills have.
The ubiquity and effectiveness of these advertisements testify not only to the collective wishful thinking and subsequent foolishness of mankind, but to their utter stupidity as well. Oh boy, it's a pity that most people can't tell the difference between the root cause and the symptom.

Earlier today I was talking to my brother about people with insomnia. Its like, are they serious? They genuinely believe that a pill, one that is completely artificial and creates dependency, will solve their sleeping problems? Has it ever crossed their minds that it caused by fundamental problem with their lifestyle, like their diet?

And one cannot go through school without noticing the outrageous amounts of kids with ADHD. Talking to them, they seem to genuinely believe that the problem is innate, not something they can prevent or cure, that can only be mitigated by some multi-billion dollar corporation's pill. Take on the Redolin folks.

While some of these people just can't stop thinking of themselves, the concept of introspection seems to elude them. They can observe the obvious connection between excess sugars, food coloring, MSG and other quasi-sugars to hyperactivity and mental (if only temporary, albeit with long term effects) fogginess. But they do not extend this observation to a possible explanation of their inability to focus a while. Nor should a lack of interest be discounted as a possible explanation. I can sit for hours reading about a topic that interests me, like math or economics, but would be surprised if I can find it within myself to slog through a topic that bores me to death. The reality is that many kids, especially boys, would much rather throw a ball or fight each other than to learn prepositions and adverbs. So, instead of having to prescribe kids with redolin and feeding them useless BS, perhaps the teachers should instil in them a love for learning by teaching them something they're interested in.... and the ability to focus will follow. But I digress.

The salient point is that many problems that plague the modern man are self-imposed, and are not something some artificial construct like a pill can fix. Stop excusing yourself as a victim, either to your genes, culture, or background, and take ownership of your life. Go Primal, learn Game, learn the Alexander Technique, read some books. Don't hand your precious life to the self-serving authorities or profit-driven corporations because they offer you a magic solution.

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