Monday, October 3, 2011

Quote of the Day

From Fred Reed:
Once they begin reading a few years ahead of their grade, which commonly is at once, school becomes an obstacle to advancement. This is especially true for the very bright. To putt a kid with an IQ of 150 in the same room with a barely literate affirmative-action hire clocking 85 is child abuse.
Read the rest for more glimpses of a degenerate culture. As for what society needs, well:
In an age of blinkered specializaton perhaps we should revive the idea of the Renaissance man. Today the phrase is quaint and almost condescending (though how do you condescend up?), arousing the mild admiration one has for a dancing dog. A time was when the cultivated could play an instrument, paint, knew something of mathematics and much of languages, traveled, could locate France, attended the opera and knew what they were attending. They wrote clearly and elegantly, this being a mark of civilization. I think of Benvenuto Cellini, born 1500, superb sculptor, professional musician, linguist, elegant writer, and good with a sword.
This blog has been an interesting experiment for myself. Perhaps I have not devoted enough time to it, hence the shortage of posts, especially compared to the many bloggers I admire. But that needs to change. Among numerous things, the growing purpose of this internet outpost is to provide the necessary information and motivation for the reader to become the Renascence Man that society so desperately needs. One who doesn't shy away from responsibility and is impelled by self-initiative and character. One that deviates from the typical lazy, fat, decadent American who is ignorant of everything save Hollywood and football. One that can muster the concentration to read a book and learn something about the nature of the economy we partake in, or the proper way to diet and develop a respectable physique. This blog is set to provide refuge to those that want to expunge the PC/CW that has been ruthlessly inculcated into their skulls since birth, and in a way that promotes genuine improvement to those that seek it. And lastly, this site is designed to cultivate the individual into a outlier - somebody that transcends the crowd. And if you aspire for anything better than mediocrity, you cannot do the same things everyone else does. You may not be that kid with the 150 I.Q, but you still abuse yourself by riding the wave of those that have an 85 one.

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