Monday, October 10, 2011

The left, the decline, and the wanted

Awakened from, not argued out of. A self-confessed apostate of liberalism reveals the inner-mentality of leftists. More evidence that demonstrating their intellectual futility should be more for show and sport than for proselytizing.
More evidence of the West's economic decline, although not in the form you would expect it in. Sometimes you need a little of that to supplement dry economic statistics. Hey, its right-brain approved.
Two conditions is all Karl Denninger is asking for in the next president. Stop the looting and start prosecuting. And that the Constitution is a written document of enumerated powers and limited Government.

We have heard many odes to the constitution - no proof that they are genuine though - but we haven't even heard the kind of anti-banking sentiment that would demonstrate authenticity on the matter. Herman Cain is blatantly pro-bank, Romney supported the Bailouts, and the rest with the exception of Ron Paul have voiced nothing but silence on the matter. Their quietness speaks volumes.
Hedonism is not enough. Dennis Mangan searches for alternatives to the hedonism of the manosphere while avoiding the hazards of the feminist dystopia. I think there are. Hedonism is susceptible to the economic law of diminishing marginal utility; enough is never enough. Exercising discipline, being responsible, growing as a person, finding meaning in a higher power, and following your internal moral compass are still the most effective ways of finding fulfillment. The Church is still a prevalent and accessible force for good, both for society and the individual.And I think it would behoove the MRA to think of himself not as a victim of feminist injustice - although he certainly is - but as a real man that can strive to meet the challenge, and win it.
Probably one the most scientifically unwarranted tenets of Objectivism, Greg Nyquist: "Rand, in effect, implicitly suggests that man is not essentially an animal. His animalistic characteristics are mere accidents. Man's essence is his "reason" and his volition. These elements supercede the natural or animalistic characteristics. Man has no "instincts" or innate predispositions, only such acquired dispositions as he imbibes from the people around him or his own thinking."

The idea that human nature is devoid of any material predispositions is the philosophical opposite of the strict materialist model of Man, and even far less tenable. If I were a Randroid, I would be deeply embarrassed about some of Rand's views regarding human nature and would do my darn best to rationalize my way out of accepting them. And yes, Objectivism is a failed philosophy, its belief in free-market capitalism notwithstanding.

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