Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Herman Cain as a real conservative?

Captain Capitalism embarks with a good start when he correctly labels liberals as the most racist people in the country. But he blows it when he offers an explanation as to why conservatives are so enamored with Herman Cain:

The reason Herman Cain is very popular amongst conservatives is not the color of his skin. It's his character. He is the only non-politician out there. He is a real man who has had a real job. He didn't inherit the world like Romney. And he speaks bluntly and truthfully and doesn't sugar coat anything. He is honest. And it is because of these things he SHOULD be the Republican nominee.
 Sort of.  The real reason conservatives support Cain is because he is the perfect embodiment of their dimsighted emphasis on Washington while being blindsided of the Governments partner-in-crime: Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.

I can see how Cain appeals to the moderately intelligent with good intentions.  His 9-9-9 plan is a good effort to significantly reduce taxes, though the inclusion of a national sales tax is unfortunate.

His views on Wall Street and the FED, however, are simply unacceptable and are sufficient to rule him out as a viable candidate.  It is not that he is ignorant of the fundamental problems with the financial system, but that he explicitly supports them!

His statements on the Federal Reserve have to be heard to be believed. His eulogy to Alan Greenspan in the debate last night is revealing. And this guy is supposed to be a conservative? Or does he just have sympathetic feelings toward his old boss? Cain-supporters love to boast of his "business background" and that he is "not a politician." And yet, he worked for one of the most nontransparent and corrupt agencies in America, supporting it as if it was innocent witness to a murderous event.

Ultimately, widespread support for Herman Cain is a sign of myopic focus on Washington - justifiable, but myopic nonetheless - but neglect for the other half of the problem.

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