Friday, October 28, 2011

Video reel. Peter Schiff, OWS, and Herman Cain.

I don't think Peter Schiff had everything right, but he handles some of the OWS people pretty well.
And speaking of the Occupy Wall Street croud. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture is all that is needed to describe the muddled thinking between both TEA Party supporters and the OWS one's.    From Proph:

And while I've started relaying the visuals, I can't help but pointing this one out to those Herman Cain fans out there.

Whatever faults Ron Paul might have, he is clearly the best candidate as he is the only one out there with a clue.  Cain's desperate excuse that he didn't the good economic advisers he has now and that he just read what everybody else read is exactly why he shouldn't be president.  We don't need a president that knows what the Wall Street Journal says today; we need a president that knows what the Journal will say TOMMOROW.

I think the problem with Cain is that he is exactly what he claims to be: just a business man.  The same can be said about Mitt Romney to a lesser extent.  I'm sure they know how to create a business friendly ecosystem (i.e reduced regulations), but they have little understanding of economics.  Hence, they are weak on both fiscal and monetary police

But I like that.  Maybe the next time I make a wrong prediction, I'll just restore my credibility by pointing out that I wasn't a slave to a good enough master.

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