Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The problem with Herman Cain

After the last three years, you would assume that the Republicans would have learned something.  Their sudden support for Herman Cain is appalling, as he is easily one of the worst candidates on an already wanting list of nominees.  Even Bachmann, Santorum, Gengerich, and Perry are better than Cain.  Heck, even Romney is better than the object of the conservative's post-racial tribute.

 As I was telling a friend earlier today, there is simply nothing good about Herman Cain.

First, he has no economic recovery plan. Instead, he touts out his 999 like it is some elixir that can solve all problems.  But despite advertising it as his de facto economic plan, he goes into great pains demonstrating that it is "revenue neutral." Now, I'm no tax attorney like Michelle Bachmann is, but my guess is that something that is "revenue neutral" does not lower taxes in the aggregate, only to the extent that it weedwacks the inefficient tax bureau, and thus will not significantly improve the economy. (I am aware of the Laugher curve and the potential increase in revenue by tax reductions.  But this only occurs in the medium to long run and I suspect  the figures Cain's staff used do not take it into account, at least if they're honest).  Redistributing the tax burden from one income bracket to another will not solve anything.

Second, he remains undeclared on the Iraq/Afghanistan wars.  For the Commander in Chief this is simply unacceptable.

And third and most dooming of all, Cain's views on the Banks and the Fed are so naive that they are either indicative of blatant corruption or willful ignorance.  The nature of the financial system and the Fed is the biggest problem daunting America's economy today.  And yet, its not that Cain has not turned his head the other way; he has looked straight into the financial system's eyes, and saw them as the lovely, harmless eyes of an innocent child.

Conservatives really need to get their heads out of their arses if they think Herman Cain would make a good president.

There is an ominous ring to the Republican primaries, bells booming of a foreboding tone.   

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