Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not even close: How not to argue for the arbortionst position

A facebook friend put out a question for his friends to answer. Some answers were logically and factually sound.  Others, not so much: 
So, just a question. Who of my friends is pro-choice (for abortion) and who is pro-life? and why?
Anonymous: [P]ro choice all the way. if its pro life, we will one day end up like a 3rd world country with all these unneeded kids running around, starving, dying becuse we cant afford to feed them. if you just have an abortion, you wouldnt have to worry about financial struggle in the first place.
Anonymous is so locked up inside the feminist propaganda box that he doesn’t realize that it is the very ideology that the pro-abortion position champions, not a single mother refusing to have an abortion, that will secure the U.S with third world status. The demographic erosion of the white middle class, the rising phenomena of single motherhood, and increasing male unemployment, all ripe conditions for a devolution into the third world, can be directly connected with the spread of feminism.  While the freakonomic logic displayed here is sound - although nobody knows to what extent teen sex would decline if abortion was outlawed – the potential impoverishing effects of making abortion illegal would pale in comparison to the havoc the feminist dystopia is wreaking right now.  

While most pro-lifers on the thread responded with arguments about the immorality of abortion or the logical consequences of the pro-abortion position, such appeals will work to no avail to the average leftist.  I think it was Ann Coulter who said that the problem with liberals is that there is no reductio ad absurdum with them.You could conclusively demonstrate that legalizing abortion invariably leads to the genocide of the unneeded, and the leftist would not budge, firmly cemented in the pretty lies of the leftist hivemind.
Luckily, there aren’t many genuine leftists out there: just thoughtless proletariat fooled by populist rhetoric advertising free lunches and left-leaning propaganda saturated in our culture.  And that bloody word tolerance.

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