Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Turn on the JukeBox

A friend once mentioned a study which proved that listening to music does not improve your workouts. BS. Listening to music elevates your mood by removing stress hormones as well as providing a drive to push further. I only have anecdotal evidence for the latter, but anyone sufficiently experienced wouldn't disagree. That being said, the law of diminishing marginal utility applies here. The more frequent you listen to music, the less mental high you will derive from it. I usually minimize the music during the weekdays so I can absolutely relish it whenever I listen to it on the weekends, with the added benefits of not getting tired of songs as quickly or blowing my ears out.

So, here are my top 10 favorite workout songs, in no particular order:

The Scar, Broken Iris
Haunted, Disturbed
Citizen Soldier, Three Doors Down
Don't Stay, Linkin Park
Diary of Jane
, Breaking Benjamin
Let it burn, Red
Breath, Breaking Benjamin
The Deep End, Crossfade
From the inside, Linkin Park
Screams of the Undead, Demon Hunter

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