Sunday, October 16, 2011

The movie Courageous: what it was, and what it wasn't

I watched the Christian movie Courageous last weekend. It was a great movie with an extremely important and pressing message; it certainly isn’t hard to imagine thousands of viewers leaving the theaters inspired and motivated to improve their family lives.   And the acting wasn’t as forced as that of its predecessor in kind, Fireproof.  But while my Christian friends are all singing eulogies to the movie and labeling it as a desperate need fulfilled, replete with individual commitments to the resolution contained within, I see this movie less for what it was than for what it was not.

Courageous is a movie about fatherhood, the deleterious effects of fatherless homes, and the Biblical approach to being an effective one.  It is utterly refreshing to hear proper appreciation of the importance of fatherhood, especially in contrast to the Hollywood and liberal subculture feministing about the dispensability of fathers.  In that regard, Courageous can only be considered anti-feminist.  But the question inevitably arises: why is this movie, and fireproof before it, about the pitfalls of men, and not of women? Why is there no other equivalent?

Anybody who has been to church on each respective parent’s day knows that women get flowers and odes while the men are bombarded with admonitions and exhortations to step their game up.  Mothers are regarded as pretty little angels; men are treated as objects needing improvement.
We all hear about the destructive effects of men not being good enough fathers. And yet, little to no attention is paid to the pitfalls of mothers.  How deeply ironic this is, since it is these very pitfalls that will herald the end days of America. 

As enlightened mothers are pushing papers and developing power point presentations, kids are super-sizing themselves with fast-food french fries and dominoes pizza, all because mommy didn’t have time to cook a decent meal.  By the age of three, the kids are shipped off to the nearest – and can you say safest? – Marxist propaganda central aka day care center aka public school, because mum needs to focus more on her professional career. The typical modern mother, “liberated” from the oppressive shackles of historical revisionist patriarchy, is every bit as destructive to society as the father who left home.  A hobbling land whale, carrying the excess triglyceride of his own lack of discipline and poorly rewarded choices of his mother, that sucks up tens of thousand dollars in medicare costs and is mentally dumbed down to the level of the most retarded kid in class is not a citizen that can survive the Information Age, and a society built upon such morphological and mental zombies cannot survive for long. 

How morbidly obese do these kids have to become, and how stupid do they have to get, till somebody notices and puts an end to this [terd]-stained mound of fetid plight? At the very least, film a [freaking] movie about it.

But we all know that won’t happen.  Instead you have loners such as yours truly and other daredevils of the anti-misandry blogosphere (there’s a reason most of us go anonymous) warning about the imminent dangers of the feminist dystopia, only to be promptly ignored.  The American people continue to get swallowed up by the forces of sexual incongruity and the purveyors of falsehoods engulfing the conventional way of living.  And once the American populace perishes from its morbid obesity and inchoate psyche, as I predict, my conscious will be clear.   

Over history, the Church has proven itself to be one of the most powerful bulwarks against evil in society.  But it cannot be an effective bulwark against the world if it is head-deep in it.  In the 1920’s, Christians became enamored by “the social gospel,” labeling themselves “Christian Socialists.”  Of course, there was never any Biblical justification for socialism so the social gospel diminished into relative obscurity. Now in the twenty first century, Christians are flirting with feminism.  If the Church truly seeks to serve its divine purpose, then it cannot be a passive accomplice, much less an active proponent, of society’s war on men.  Yes, the Church must urge its men to step it up. Courageous does a remarkable job in that regard. But it must also urge women to do the same.  It must systematically uproot the pedestal it has erected under the collective feminine gender.  All are fallen.  And it was Eve who took the fruit of the forbidden tree first.

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