Monday, September 19, 2011

Why I like Rick Perry

While I am known to espouse Rep. Ron Paul in the election, Rick Perry stands as my second choice, even though I harbor distrust toward most Republicans. Now then, I don’t agree with all of his policies or even his overall political worldview. But so far he has demonstrated that he is willing to do what has to be done: tackle the FED and lower Government spending.

One procedure that must be done in examining candidates in a political election is distinguishing genuine honesty from populist BS. A good example of the latter is when Herman Cain, after repeatedly stating in the past that the Federal Reserve does not require an audit because it already performs numerous internal audits, has said in the last debate that the FED should, in fact, be audited. The unreliability of his words can easily be seen in that he said it in passing, quickly going off to a different subject. So regardless of what he may have said at whatever moment, Cain will not attempt to audit the Federal Reserve, much less persist amid the many obstacles of doing so. Perry on the hand, has not only expressed the customary conservative rhetoric, but has gone one step further in calling Bernanke “almost treasonous,” something that no other candidate with the possible exception of Ron Paul has agreed with. To further prove my point, Perry also claimed – again, with no agreement from his competitors even when directly asked – that social security is a ponzi-scheme. Other candidates declined to concur with the statement, brushing it off with political maneuvers like “whatever you call it.”

No. It is not whatever you call it.

In fact, acknowledging SS as a Ponzi-scheme is the first step in truly grasping the fundamental problems with the program. The problem with SS is the same that plagues all other ponzi-schemes; it collapses once there is a deceleration of the amount of people giving in. In other words, it is under the mercy of future demographic trends.

Whatever flaws he may have, it is clear that Perry has the balls to do what is necessary, and he isn’t afraid to be outspoken about it.

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