Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conservative Hypocrisy on Occupy Wall Street.

A fun but depressingly easy thing to do when examining political movements is spotting the double standards contained therein.

For the past few decadesyears, conservative Republicans have constantly vented about how current policies, particularly the profligate spending and subsequent debt incurred, will place a disproportionate and unjustified burden upon future generations. And yet, I have to hear any conservative of the mainstream variety, none, express any sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street crowd - they prefer to remind them that it was their individual shortcomings that have doomed them to the fate of a homeless and indignant protestor.

But where is the contradiction? You may ask.

Simple.  Occupy Wall Street is an inevitable consequence of the Baby Boomer's destructive policies.  Dutiful to their narcissistic and indulgent tendencies, the boomers started and were beneficiaries of the greatest credit bubble in U.S history, having the combined effect of temporary and unsustainable prosperity as well as huge hikes in college tuition and medical expenses. True to their juvenile nature, they seized the short-term benefits of de-facto slave labor in the form of illegal immigrantion and Chinese outsourcing, thereby robbing middle-class Americans an opportunity for a decent job. Except the college-educated, so they brainwashed their kids with the idea that they had to get a college degree, even at a cost that approached a hundred thousand dollars.

Well, the future generation has arrived, the bubble has burst, and their college educated kids can't find a job.  And since their parents spent a dime for every penny made, they're stuck with loans that cannot possibly be payed off. And guess what, the same people who conservatives said will have to shoulder the burden placed by previous generations, are somehow wholly responsible, and deserve ridicule. The youngins did exactly what every authority in their lives told them to do, all for nothing.  The youth cannot be expected to think for themselves regarding the ways of the world.  Whatever faults they collectively had for taking such foolish advice, the blame must ultimately be placed on the deceiver, especially if that deceiver is the God-instituted owner responsible for teaching the offspring. .

Both socionomics and history inform us that civil unrest spawns during hard economic times and that mass resentment, usually in the form of riots, is the result of oppression and treason. So boomers, let me offer, out of my humble faculties, a suggestion that should resonate fairly well within your narcissistic minds: look in the mirror; you may be the problem.


  1. Excellent. The hipocrisy and small-mindedness of "conservative" takes on OWS is appalling.

  2. Yeah, conservatives seem to have a knack for missing the point. Since small minds concentrate on people and not ideas, its not surprising that have they zeroed-in on the sloth and uncouthness of some of the OWS crowd without considering the broader social implications of the movement.

  3. How are the OWSers any different than their Boomer parents? They aren't looking for a systemic change. They are asking to be part of that Boomer party, and to attempt to kick the can even further down the road, so that their own children will be even more fucked.

    Not to mention the pro-immigration, carbon cap and trade scam, and everything else the Chamber of Commerce and Goldman Sachs wants, they are for.

    Their reaction to being looted by the Boomers is to blame it on Wall Street, and to retaliate by doing things that are basically directly beneficial to Wall Street.

    They aren't children any more. I can commiserate with them on taking on their debts, being told that it was ok to get a $100k degree in the history of post-colonial genderqueer puppetry; but they are still falling for the same shit.

    They are still falling for, and pushing the same bullshit though. It's time to grow up. Until such a time that OWSers stop blaming everything on what establishment left-wingers tell them to they deserve their ridicule.

  4. Sure. Most of the OWSers are just like their parents, probably because the boomers set the trend. And the OWSer's really are a sad group of people; they're incoherent and would be far less capable of providing solutions than the TEA party.

    Point is, conservatives are acting like it’s THEIR fault. Maybe they would have behaved like their boomer parents had they been in their boots, but they were not. The fault lies on the people who actually did it.

    To an extent I agree with you; they do deserve some ridicule. But here's the thing. Most people are constitutionally unable to ascertain the specifics behind the true problem. The OWSer's, like the TEA party, understand that there's something seriously wrong, but haven't quite figured it all out, even if they are focusing their efforts on one of the correct targets.

    I'm not asking conservatives to endorse OWS or approval of all their actions – I don’t. Just to acknowledge that there is an underlying reason behind their protests and to look at it from a broader context, not just blablabla they smell bad!