Monday, November 21, 2011

#OWS, Minsky, Evolutionary Psycology, and I.Q

Ferdinand Bardamu writes of his experience with Occupy Wall Street.  This is why I read Ferd.

Vox Day on Steve Keen's new book: Debunking economics is definitely on my reading list. 

Roissy/Heartiste answers the question are "Women less principled than men?". In another post, he demonstrates that feminists are scared of the implications of evolutionary psychology. Its always vexed me that the majority of secularists, the nihilist manosphere notwithstanding, are the foremost perpetuators of the numerous PC lies of the left, even as the evolutionary biology they so readily cling to continues to demolish those politically correct beliefs.

Dennis Mangan on inheritability, I.Q, and success. My view is that success comes from a number of factors: innate talent, intelligence, culture, personality, upbringing, hard work, deliberate practice, connections, etc. The question is not whether it is Nurture vs Nature; both clearly have a role to play. The question is which one plays a more significant role. I suspect it depends on what you are talking about.


  1. Zero Tolerance Man's blog got hacked, but he has started a new blog at:

    American Woman Bitch by the Zero Tolerance Man

    Zero Tolerance Man has the most powerful anti-feminist blog on the net, because he is directly attacking feminist women and showing what worthless cunts they truly are.

    Here is from his "Why Did I create this website" page:

    Because most American women are worthless toilet bowl turds. They are nothing but parasites feeding off the hard work of men. Are men better than women in the USA? ABSOLUTELY. The only thing American women are good for is nagging, complaining, and spending men’s money. Most are not even worth fucking. They suck in bed and thus, have absolutely no value to the good men of the USA.

    Please send a link to this blog to all your friends.

  2. You confuse me with someone who despises women. I believe that the modern American woman has abdicated her maternal responsibilities and is certainly not the pretty little angel worthy of mounting the pedestal many white knighters and beta males have erected for her.

    But I don't believe most of them are "worthless toilet bowl turds," only "good for is nagging, complaining and spending men's money" Not even close.

    So, while I appreciate zero tolerance man's anti-feminism, he goes way, way too far. I don't mind linking and sharing others blogs, even if they disagree with me to a significant extent, but I won't be sharing this one.