Friday, December 23, 2011

What's worse than a straight-up liberal?

A liberal pretending to be a conservative. Here's Proph on modern right.
I spend a lot of time beating up on liberals, I know. Let's take a moment to remember that the modern "right" aren't our friends, either.
Remember Jonah Goldberg having the temerity to draw a connection between de Maistre and the Nazis? Or his and Norman Podhoretz's celebrations of sodomy? Or his and Ross Douthat's celebration of feminism? (Jonah Goldberg... what a shitbag).
Don't forget the endorsement of the abolition of marriage from Fox News, for Heaven's sake! Or their silence concerning (or even mild support of) the forced homosexualizaiton of the Armed Forces.
Holy smokes.  I used to be a moderate fan of Jonah Goldberg ever since I read Liberal Fascism.  I've never fully agreed with him, specifically on his brand of imperial neoconservatism, but he seemed to have his head screwed on reasonably straight.  I don't think so anymore. There's a reason he didn't indict feminism in his book; he's sympathetic towards it!

The reason faux-conservatives are so much more dangerous than self-professed liberals is that those on the right will listen to them.  I live in an Evangelical conservative ghetto of empty-headed anti-intellectualism, and these folks, God bless them, will not listen to ANYTHING a liberal says.  To them, the following is a truism: anything spouted out by a liberal is sh*t. And that's probably accurate.

Thing is, they'll accept what a nominal "conservative" says, even though its the same bloody thing liberals say.

Liberal ideologue says that woman's economic empowerment is necessary to cure world poverty "Friek feminism - typical redneck  
Clinton intervenes in Africa, in addition to providing foreign aid, "Why can't we just leave the world alone?" -  average Fox News watcher, considers himself an upstanding conservative.

Liberal Keynesian economist says tarrifs should be implemented to fix the trade imbalance, "Oh, so you want more taxes on MY Chinese goods?!" - TEA Party enthusiast


Right Wing commentator approves of feminism and woman's suffrage,"Sounds good to me!"-  typical redneck.

Bush gets conservative backing for the war in Iraq and the global spread of democracy, "Sounds like a good idea to me!" - average Fox News watcher, considers himself an upstanding conservative.

Free market economist writes new book espousing tarrifs, "Down with China!" -  TEA Party enthusiast

This is no joke. It happens all the time.  Ever wondered why conservatives cheered Bush on even as he was planting the country ever deeper in the plagues of liberalism?  Because he was "one of their own."

Unfortunately, this is a problem that cannot be remedied.  It's human nature.  Most people would rather delegate their thinking to some higher authority, blindly accepting their views as their own so long as they profess ideological similarity.  Most people don't think deep enough to construct a coherent worldview; they just combine contradictory bits and pieces of what they've heard.


  1. "Most people don't think deep enough to construct a coherent worldview; they just combine contradictory bits and pieces of what they've heard."

    That's because it isn't about getting at the truth, it's about fitting in. Like the clothes they wear, the way they comb (or don't comb) their hair, the food they eat, and the entertainment they watch, they choose their political opinions based on what will get them the approval of the group they want to run with. It's all monkey see, monkey do.

    So if they want to be "conservatives" it doesn't matter what the fashion leaders in that group are actually saying or doing. They'll go along with it, because that's what "good team players" do.

  2. Yeah, good point. The vast majority of people - of all ideological stripes - are not intellectuals. Politics is a source of identification and group ties, not ascertaining the truth. I think its hard for us who are more intellectually inclined to fathom that given the human tendency to project.