Friday, December 23, 2011

Who cares about abortion?

I do, for one.  Abortion, like murder, should be prohibited. Period. But who of any relevance cares about it? No seriously, is there a single politician who cares about prohibiting abortion? Alot of them, you may say; "The Republican's are pro-life!"

Are they really?

I have no doubt they pay their due lip-service.  There are no shortage of conservative politicians speaking against a mother's right to murder her own child. The problem is that what they're doing is completely irrelevant.

Looking at the current Republican platform, I don't think there are any candidates who aren't pro-life. Romney had to flipflop, because being pro-choice, at least if you are a Republican, is political suicide. Everywhere evangelicals are fretting about abortion as if it were a serious issue surrounding the election of a candidate.  To them, even the most economically literate candidate would be horrible were he pro-choice.

But the fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter what position you take, abortion is not going to be outlawed, unless the president is absolutely serious about doing so.  And by "serious" I mean they say they WILL MAKE IT ILLEGAL during their stay in Washington.  And from my knowledge, I've never heard any serious candidate say such a thing.

Instead, you hear them blathering about how life begins at conception and that it is a federal government and not a state issue, all with a hypothetical ring to it.  No actions are proposed.

Maybe when I hear the words, I will make abortion illegal (providing the congress does their job), within the first year of my presidency, then I'll perk up my ears.  But until then, I will consider the probability that the Bachman's and Santorum's of the world will prohibit abortion to be the same as that of all the other pro-life politicians since Roe vs Wade out there, namely zero.  Not only will they not do it, they won't even try.      

So if anybody comes up to me and says they won't vote for a pro-choice candidate because abortion is a huge issue, I don't want to hear it. I'm against abortion too; I'm just not naive enough to believe that your favorite pro-life candidate is going to make a difference.

Some people believe that all the destitution and blood spilled from the Civil War was America's punishment for enslaving the black race.  If that's true, then something similar will be happen to twenty-first century America for the fifty million some odd babies that were aborted.  The question is whether you will separate yourself from the rest of the platitude spouting conservatives and make things happen.  And please, don't vote for a candidate just because he's pro-life.


  1. I was at a party several years ago talking with a Republican political consultant who was neighbors with my co-worker. This guy has been involved in several major Senate and Presidential races. He told me "There is no way Republicans will ever outlaw abortion" because abortion is a major wedge issue for the party. There are a lot of hardcore special interest groups primarily motivated by abortion. And if their wish was fulfilled, there would be no reason for them to bend over backwards for the GOP every election. Secondly, there are some other GOP voters who might be amenable to some Democrat issues but they stay in the GOP camp over abortion.

    Thirdly, (this is my own observation) a lot of the monied GOP establishment is pro-choice, as are most GOP women. (Such as the former first ladies Barbara and Laura Bush.)

    Put that all together, and it shows why the GOP is more interested in lip service on abortion than actually passing legislation.

  2. For some reason, reading your comment made me laugh. The Republican motives are worse than I thought. My goodness, what a bunch of scumballs...