Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stars Wars Three, lets not do that again.

I was bored last Saturday night.  I didn't feel like reading, exercising, or really anything productive for that matter, so I went to my movie shelf to look for a movie to watch.  Initially I was looking for the Gladiator, but for some reason couldn't find it.  As I was digging through my vastreasonably sized selection,  frustration engulfed my temperament. "Why did I have I have to BUY all these crappy movies!" Seriously, most movies are good to watch ONCE, but never again.  When the first Transformers movie came out, I was all over it,  but watching it a second just ruined it for me.  Nope, unless its an absolute classic, I'm not going to watch a movie twice.

But I rejected that advice even as I was formulating it.  In the back of the shelf, I caught a glimpse of my Star Wars section.  In particular, the third one, " the revenge of the sith." I remember that when I was younger, back when I was still living in South Korea, I walked out of the rock climbing gym where I had my lessons to find the film playing in one of the local theaters there. In English. It's kind of embarrassing to recount it in retrospect, but I was jumping up with glee and excitement.  I bought my ticket and took my seat, waiting for the previews to be over with.  When the flick finally burned, I was drawn to the wicked light-saber fights and what my primitive mind at the time thought was epic drama.

I came back, twice.

Its been 7? years since that night, and I saw nothing better to watch. I got my chocolate almond marshmallow ice cream, kicked my feet up, and lit up the big screen, ready to be amazed.

That was a mistake.

It was five minutes into it and I couldn't help but cringe in horror of the horrid dialogue.  It wasn't just the lame catch-phrases ("my powers have doubled since we last met"), it was the characters' overall juvenile mannerisms.

Anakin was the worst of all.  And the way he handled his nightmares about Padme by going to Yoda was all I could bear.  I was done after that.

I turned off the TV and went on the computer, resisting the urge to snap the DVD in a dozen bits.  But not all was lost from my mini (non)adventure. While reading one of the game sites, a thought came to me.  How did Anakin, a far bigger beta male than even his son Luke was, and who only managed to snag the princess padme because of his standing as a Jedi-Knight and his good looks (I've been told dozens of times that I look like Hayden Christensen, what do you expect me to say?), become the bad-a$$ alpha male that is Darth Vador?

So from here I submit my thesis: either every hint that Anakin was Vador is wrong, or his case is the biggest example of beta turned alpha.  I always thought George Lucas was cognizant of the basic tenets of game, as can be seen from his creation of Han Solo, but apparently he is a big believer in its ability to transform lives as well.

Ps. If you thought this post was weird. You would be right.

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