Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't be foolish, and don't fall for the neo-cons

It has been a regrettable pitfall of the modern conservative movement to base one's vote on the non-democrat. No positive traits are required, he just has to be the most popular - and thus has the best chance of winning - opposition to the democratic candidate, and that voting for a third party candidate is a "wasted vote," so we are told.

But while this may be sound from a tactical and short-term perspective, it only creates problems from a strategical and long-term one. As is becoming abundantly clear, voting for pseudo-conservatives only damages the republican party, setting up for a guaranteed democrat victory in the next election cycle. Moreover, it is a demonstrable fact that the republicans are every bit as pro-government and pro-bank as the are democrats are. If we are truly witnessing the end days of America, then we can be sure that the Republicans are as much to blame for it as are the democrats.

It is because of this profoundly un-principled mentality that Ron Paul, one of the greatest defenders of freedom and sound money of our time, was rejected by they republican party for the third-rate politician that is John McCain. Not only was this utter tomfoolery, but it doesn't even make sense from voting perspective. How on earth is a pro-war, pro-bank,and pro-amnesty candidate going to win when all of this positions go against views of the majority of Americans? That strategy will not work.

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