Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good to see it

I am generally picky about the writers that I like; I actively resist reading those that simply rehash talking points. So I was somewhat surprised reading Allen Keyes in his recent column 2012: a test for American leadership. In that article, he correctly argues the shortcomings of the two party system, producing an elite that our founding fathers were afraid of. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for our current predicament by veering us off the path set by the wisdom of our founders. And for those pseudo conservatives that take offense to his bi-criticism, please note that it was a Republican that preceded Obama in passing a stimulus package, bailed out the banks, followed a lax immigration policy, and spent trillions of dollars overseas in foreign aid and military policy, all with the assent of the Republican majority in Congress. The GOP has abandoned its conservative roots ever since Reagan left office, and it is unlikely that it will ever return to them. The tea-party's mission is noble and should be lauded, but its goal of restoring the conservatism of the GOP is unlikely to succeed. It must create a third party to contravene our binary system by offering genuinely conservative and classical liberal candidates. While I believe that the tea-party is weak on some of the major issues we face, I must admit that it is a real positive force that has a potential to break our current binary political system that thrives on the exploitation of the voters.

Anyway, the article is very well-written, showcasing higher-level vocabulary that my intellect needs in order to keep on reading. And while I am unfamiliar with some of the views held by Mr. keyes, I have no doubt that he is an insightful writer, maybe even worthy of going on and reading him yourself.

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