Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Interesting Connection

The elusive waitapi has some excellent posts about the evils that the feminist movement has wrought upon society. One article in particular does an excellent job in sketching a brief history of the ideological roots of feminism. Interestingly enough, he documents the historical link between marxism, as was envisioned by Karl Marx, and feminism. While I was aware of the relationship between historical fascism and feminism, particularly the declaration of universal suffrage in the fascist manifesto, I was blind to its relationship to communism. I should have known, as both marxism and feminism declare war on the nuclear family and traditional folkway. And since most feminists are active socialists by heart.

Many may object to the historical link, and I will kindly let the reader go to the original post and decide whether his analysis is accurate or not.

But what can not be so easily dissmissed, however, is the undeniable consequences brought by the ideas of maraget sanger and other leading lights. We may not be living in the soviet union, yet, but everyday confirms the fact the we are witnessing a matriarchal dystopia that is every bit as crippling and degenerating to our culture as communism was to the soviet economy.

I'm thinking about writing a series on this topic, as it demands far more consideration that a single blog post can provide.

Anyway, go read the article.

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