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Mrs. Sherrie Owens takes exception to my post "Why woman's rights are wrong." She doesn't even bother contesting my points. Needless to say I wasn't surprised. If you ever take the time to delve into the subject, then you will find that not only are my points completely correct, it is not even possible to dispute them. Her email:
I read your paper out of curiosity. So many thoughts run through my head. Feminism is different than having the right to vote, go to school, drive, and support a family (especially when the males shirk their responsibility).
We all have roles to play, and they are not all the SAME. However, they are all equally important.

Some of your points are valid and proven by historical evidence, but others ignore realities. Our country has chosen to forget the God who brought us here, thus our moral fabric has rent into shreds... Causing the breakdown of the family.

Also these horrible "entitlement" programs were instigated by men to cause other men to be dependent on and obligated to their government handouts. Most the women that I know hate entitlements and want people to work for their keep.

Mostly I resent that you think freedom loving patriots are all men who are wronged by the women who support them, thus allowing then opportunity to become great.
I responded thusly:

First, the dictionary defines feminism as “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” This doctrine, in part, is what I was attacking in my post. The concept of equality is absurd, because it demonstrably doesn’t exist in any material or spiritual sense. Thus any culture constructed upon it is doomed to fail. However, I would say that advancement of woman’s rights equal to those of men would characterize only the first and second waves of feminism, not the third one that we are presently witnessing, which is exceptionally lethal. And I find it interesting how you either agree with or refuse to rebut many of my central points. This includes feminism being responsible for obesity, suppressed wages, a skewed sexual market, and unsustainable birth rates. If you accept those aforementioned things, then I can only conclude that our views really aren’t that much different.

What I also find interesting, however, is that you say, “We all have roles to play, and they are not all the SAME. However, they are all equally important,” given how that is echoing precisely the same message as when I called for a male/female division of labor. I would be the last person to argue with you that a woman’s – particularly a mother’s - role is not as important as a man’s one (happy mothers day by the way). In fact, I attach so much importance to the role of mothers that I even hung the continued survival of Western Civilization upon it in my post.

Moreover, if you had examined more of my work, then you would have realized that I don’t advocate stripping away the right to “go to school, drive, and support a family.” Since I believe that responsibility to educate the kids is rightfully placed on the mother, of course I believe they should get an education, although one can certainly argue that one doesn’t need to go to college to teach a kid 2+3=5. Also, historically about 1/3 of women have always worked; feminism was a middle-class phenomena.

You would be correct in insisting that feminism isn’t the only culprit responsible for America’s eventual fall. But it probably is the biggest one. Now let me ask you a question: what would be responsible for the known symptoms of “the breakdown of the family?” Single motherhood is on the rise, I wonder why. No fault divorce? The shift from the husband to the wife in ownership and responsibility of the kids? The feminists indoctrinating men to place woman on pedestals? Gender parity? For some reason, that doesn’t sound like patriarchy.

As for woman’s suffrage, it can be safely dismissed as a horrible idea. It’s not just men who are against it, many women are too. Woman’s suffrage has led to numerous decreases in personal liberties and is the democratic force behind much spending increases and welfare programs. For evidence of this, I suggest you read the relevant paper I referred to on my blog. Women cherish security over liberty. That’s the norm. And while there are certainly many intelligent women like you and your friends that love political freedom, and you should be applauded for it, your behavior is no more reflective of your collective sex than a monk’s abstinence is indicative of the overall sexual behavior of men. If a country doesn’t want a totalitarian dictator at its helm, then I suggest it should weed out of the electorate the portion of the population that falls for those sweet-talking demagogues. There is absolutely no coincidence that Mussolini saw fit to include universal suffrage in his Fascist Manifesto.

I think you misunderstood me when I declared “WS has been a disaster for freedom loving patriots” as I neither said nor implied that only men were freedom loving. There are certainly many stupid and drunk men out there and thank goodness a lot of them don’t vote. However, it shouldn’t be difficult to fathom that a freedom-loving woman would relish giving up her right to vote if the rest of her half of humanity did the same, given how it has actually resulted in less freedom for everybody – men and woman alike.

If it was a relatively harmless phenomenon, I wouldn’t be so vocal in my opposition. But there no ideology that is as self-defeating as woman’s rights. And it is doubtful that a society can survive it for long.

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