Friday, May 13, 2011

Some thoughts

Neo-conservatism: myopic ideology. Proponents of empire-building probably haven't played a game of risk in their entire lives.

Did 70's 8 times on the dumbell chest press today. I am absolutely in LOVE with the dumbbell chest press.

People think libertarianism assumes people are inherently good. Nothing could deviate farther from the truth. Libertarians believe that human nature is so corruptible that no one should be given illegitimate power over others.

Polarity is the core of a healthy relationship. Its that unique blend of submission and dominance; leadership and abidance.

*Just the way you are* by Bruno Mars has to be the most beta song ever. The singer erected a pedestal for that girl that could easily match the one built for Lord Nelson at Trafalgar square. Bloody shame as well, since it actually has a decent tune.

When will proponents of small and limited Government come out and denounce woman's suffrage? Probably never; most people are idiots.

Speaking of woman's suffrage. If it has been such a disaster, then does chivalry still apply?

Around 90% of people run with incorrect form. They run on their heels and not on the balls of their feet. Injuries ensue.... even with $150 brooks.

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