Sunday, May 1, 2011

On the Wests decline and fall

It is not uncommon for people to take exception to my contention that we are presently witnessing America's decline and eventual fall. Blissful optimism is usually rampant in the days preceding a societies trough and dip. It is only when circumstances forcibly impose themselves will the general public reluctantly acknowledge the evolutionary state they are in. But by then it is too late. The damage has already been done, and the only precaution one can use is a mitigating one, not something that can prevent it entirely.

So in keeping with this narrative, SJ willingly leaps to sacrifice himself to the stinging edge of my intellect by regurgitating talking points about how there are bright prospects for Western Civilization. To read is to hope, but to hope is to be disappointed.
I don't see how you say "Western Civlization is approaching its demise." The people of America are still great and the economy is in recovery. Things will sort themselves out. Our ancestors have been through even harder times than these, we can make it too, no? We'll still be alive, and who's going to take our spot as numero uno?

You have clearly demonstrated that you have precious little substance to offer for the ongoing discourse, as your implicit misconception of the "Western Civilization" has lead your conclusions awry. As a tip from an interlocutor, I humbly advise you too delve deeper in search for the true meaning of "Western Civilization." Perhaps when you do so, you will realize that it has little to do with geography or world hegemony, but patriarchal capitalistic Christendom. These remnants have slowly but inexorably faded off into obscurity because feminists are stripping away the incentives for men to marry and women to mother children, because the globalist totalitarians have aggressively pushed for a world government, because neo-keynesians have preached the paradox of thrift and the benefits of spending borrowed money, and neo-conservatives have contorted their base ideology by implementing democracy across the world while letting democracy crumble on our home front. In fact, it is abundantly clear that you are unacquainted with the relevant factors in measuring the extent to which a civilization is declining. Because if you did, you would understand that while you are correct in saying "we'll make it, too," it is not relevant because "we" will not be inhabits of western civilization, but ones in a pagan, barbaric totalitarian one.

The prophets George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were not correct in their timing, most likely because that is the part that is the most difficult to gauge. But what will become readily apparent is that the dystopias those two men created in their books will bear far more similarity to the real world than most people grasp at this point. If it weren't an evolutionary imperative, motherhood would already be an outdated concept. Moreover, instead of being a wholly individualized concept, it appears that motherhood has transformed into a collective feminine entity where the state is every bodies mother.... as well father; the safety nets abound that serve as the sustainer of our inherently unsustainable society will eventually have to go by the wayside. And once they do, collapse will ensue as nations realize that the growth and health of their cultures was mere illusion. The soviet union demonstrated that even a remarkably ineffective and society-killing system can limp for 70 years before falling on a cliff. If there is anything thing the past 30 years will prove in a grand historical perspective, then it will be the seemingly miraculous effects of debt and collective procrastination. But it all must stop. Precisely when this will happen is uncertain, but the inability to time the incipient fall is irrelevant in gauging the probability of its occurrence.
Right now we are living in economic limbo where society still has vestiges of an advanced patriarchy and manufacturing set-up while the feminist-marxist dystopia creeps in. Considering that the Wall Street Journal openly called for ways to facilitate woman's advancement in corporate leadership and the reaction to the 2008 financial was more centralization, the evidence suggests that we are presently drifting to the latter scenario. And if that happens, I will relish the moment when this enormous experiment burns to ashes, perhaps then - probably only then - will a phoenix arise that is compatible with human nature and his material betterment.

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