Monday, May 2, 2011

My life's intended navigation

While applying for Eagle Scout, one of the things I had to do was to attach to my application a statement of my life's ambitions and previously held leadership positions. I wrote thusly:

My primary material goal in life is to be a Renascence Man, being talented in many fields of study and skill. I am a dilettante at this point, but am working my way up. Specifically, I want to be a leader of men, first in the military and then in the Corporate world. I also want to be a part-time writer of both fiction and nonfiction, mostly for my own amusement. Being healthy and fit has also been an integral part of my aspirations. Currently I am hitting the weight room very heavily.

At this point, I am not certain which college I will attend. But the choice is essentially between the Naval Academy and Texas A&M, depending on 1) whether or not I want to enter the military and 2) which one I can get accepted into. Either way I plan on getting an engineering degree, probably in mechanical or electrical.

While I will most certainly go to college, formal education is by no means the core of my educational pursuits. I am a voracious reader and a born autodidact, so my intellectual endeavors will not be limited to the specific degree I obtain.

The leadership positions I have held in scouts are Chaplains Aid, Patrol Leader, Instructor, and Senior Patrol Leader. Being SPL was by far the most difficult, but most rewarding. Leading the troop was really my only genuine and long-term leadership experience, so while I certainly made some embarrassing blunders, I derived much growth from it.

The purpose of my life has been a direct implication of the way I view the world. I perceive the world as being a battlefield in an epic spiritual war; that some things are inspired by good, while others evil. Each individual has a distinct impact in the war. He or she has the ability and free will to fight for either side. And the future is in part determined by us. My allegiance to Jesus Christ stems primarily from my observation of evil and the need to fight it. Unfortunately, my mental state has been compromised as it is characterized by two conflicting motives. One is to accomplish merely for myself and my own enjoyment. The other is to edify mankind and serve the glory of God. It has been a strugglewithin between the two, but my goal is to have an unmitigated desire to serve the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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